my about section sums a lot up, i'm just trying to get by I guess.

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watch at least the first minute of this

i did not want this video to end

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elfelfelfelfelfelfelfelf asked: um guily pleasure?


Vaping! I love the physics behind it and all the flavor combinations, but the amount of nicotine I ingest is probably not healthy. But who cares right?

Anonymous asked: Would you ever travel the world with a cat as your only companion?


Probably not seeing as I like social interaction and itelligent conversation. It would be hard to relate to a cat when it couldn’t speak other than watching it’s behaviour and interaction within the proximity.


sorry mom you’ve hit ask limit

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Send me weird asks!


Sometimes you stop talking to someone because you keep telling yourself that if they wanted to talk to you, they would.

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This beautiful mineral was recently sold for a whopping $5,000 by Rob Lavinsky of the Arkenstone. Measuring 9 x 7 x 6 centimeters, the stunning specimen is described as Chalcedony on Chrysocolla stalactites (pocket). With a blue-green chalcedony-crusted exterior, an unusual pocket that opens to reveal the highly textured interior, and assorted quartz-covered chrysocolla stalactites the color of icy glaciers, the mineral is truly a unique sight to behold.

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This is the sickest shit I’ve ever seen

This is so important.  Know your elements before getting tatted.  And if you are tatted you better have this shit memorized.

tattoos are hot.

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