metal, science, being goofy, and caring for those close.



The new Supreme Paradox.

Believed to be a paradox Orange Dream Ivory from an Orange Dream Butter Yellowbelly x Yellowbelly pairing. She belongs to Shane Whitaker Quality Serpents and Nick Boles. (x)

frozen animated GIF

I’m not normally a huge ball python fan, but that’s very cool looking.

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Jadah Doll gifs requested by an anon.

Anonymous asked: First name? Sexual orientation? Birthday/Zodiac Sign?


Travis,straight, 20/12/95. What.

Anonymously message me (3) things you want to know about me.

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Anonymous asked: What's it like to be a marble?


Oh sweet baby JESUS its great. You get to be any color whether it be opaque or clear with a strip of color in the middle. You could even be colorless. Freedom of expression through reflected light. Its also pretty great because you can be any size. Someone might even save you as his or her favorite. Its phenomenal to roll around everywhere and be included in games and YOU’RE SHINY.

Anonymous asked: I've followed you for awhile and I think you're a cool dude but I'm way to scared to actually talk to you. But hey you're awesome and hella cute.


No reason to be scared, and thank you. Im open for messages lol. I’m not some unreachable shithead.

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